Featured Speakers :

 Hans-Rudolf Hein
Hans-Rudolf Hein
Executive Advisor Standards and Regulations
Bridgestone Europe, NV/SA
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kaliske
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kaliske
Institute for Structural Analysis
Technische Universität Dresden
Dr. Frank Klempau
Dr. Frank Klempau
Manager New Tire/Wheel-Systems, Quality and Tire Data
Daimler AG
Dr.-Ing. Gregor Kuchler
Dr.-Ing. Gregor Kuchler
Manager Intelligent Tire System
Continental Automotive GmbH
Dr. Thomas Roscher
Dr. Thomas Roscher
Team Coordinator TPMS Development
Audi AG
 Rizwan Ullah
Rizwan Ullah
Task Leader TPMS Wheels & Tyres
Volvo Car Corporation
 Michael Unterreiner
Michael Unterreiner
Advanced Chassis Engineering
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Intelligent Tire Technology 2014

News on Intelligent Tire Technologies - Advanced Tire Materials - Innovation on Noise Reduction

The tire – although seen as a big compromise - is the key connection between the road and the vehicle. Due to its performance it guarantees best possible power transmission, driving stability and comfort, breaking safety and reduced fuel consumption. The Intelligent Tire enables to control the tire pressure and to ensure driver`s safety as well as economic performance, which is an important tool to fulfil worldwide emission regulations. After European tire labelling, reduction of noise emissions is a hot topic which moves the car and tire manufacturers. 

Die Fachtagung gibt unter anderem Einblicke in die neuesten Entwicklungen der “Intelligenten“ Reifentechnologie, und beschäftigt sich mit der Frage, was sich an den Materialien noch verbessern lässt um Fahrgeräusche und Rollwiderstand zu minimieren und gleichzeitig die Fahrsicherheit zu gewährleisten. Konferenzsprache ist Englisch. 

Visit the International Intelligent Tire Technology Conference and:

  • Learn about the latest world-wide regulations on tires to ensure legal compliance within the international tire market

  • Explore innovative solutions for improving acoustics especially through foam to guarantee driving comfort

  • Gain deep insight into the structure and latest developments of China Tire Industry from a Chinese and a Western perspective to improve your position within the market

  • Discover advanced technologies for intelligent tire systems and evaluate vehicle test of tire force sensor to guarantee performance and reliability

  • Gain insight into tire testing for iTPMS on a component level and find out about systemic differences when testing on component and overall system level

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