Featured Speakers :

 Hans-Rudolf Hein
Hans-Rudolf Hein
Executive Advisor Standards and Regulations
Bridgestone Europe, NV/SA, Belgium
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kaliske
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kaliske
Institute for Structural Analysis
Technische Univeristät Dresden, Germany
Dr. Thomas Roscher
Dr. Thomas Roscher
Team Coordinator, TPMS Development
Audi AG, Germany
 Norbert Allgäuer-Wiederhold
Norbert Allgäuer-Wiederhold
Manager Pirellli Tyre Campus Germany
Pirelli Deutschland GmbH, Germany
 Mary Xu (Xu Wenying)
Mary Xu (Xu Wenying)
Vice Chairman and Secretary General
China Rubber Industry Association, China

Upcoming regulations – Advanced intelligent tire technologies – Innovative tire manufacturing

Die Fachtagung gibt Einblicke in die aktuellsten TPMS Entwicklungen, zeigt neueste Erfahrungen mit Labelling auf und informiert den technologischen Fortschritt auf dem Weg zum „intelligenten Reifen“. Konferenzsprache ist Englisch.

TPMS has become mandatory from November 2012 for new model lines. The decision on reduction of noise emission is now on the stake. Car manufacturers are now about to fulfil all legal requirements. Now the European industry is considering the driver’s acceptance of TPMS. This includes a wider range of functionalities of the tire sensor and the issue about the perfect intelligent tire.

Now first experiences of European tire labelling are made. Since requirements differ from country to country the tire industry are facing great challenges. How is the market acceptance of labelling? And how will the Chinese tire market develop?

In this conference you will:

  • Gain insight into the latest legal requirements on tires in the frame of European Type Approval and the worldwide situation of regulation
  • Learn about advanced tyre sensing for wet grip and rolling resistance improvements to ensure save driving
  • Experience how to move indirect TPMS verification from road to lab to save resources and time whilst at the same time ensuring the highest software quality level
  • Capitalise on latest experiences of tire labelling
  • Explore new opportunities with state of the art tire sensor technology to enable the connected tire

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